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Best Summer Baby Gear for Hot Weather

By Kayla Young
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With the hot weather days of summertime come visions of sunshine, sunglasses, swimming and slurpees. Although those are definitely things to look forward to, having an infant in tow during the sweat-soaked days of July means you also have to watch out for harmful rays that can lead to sunburn, heat rash, and general overheating. The good news is, a little know-how and some of the right gear are all it really takes to enjoy the dog days of summer while keeping your baby safe, comfy and cool.

Mom standing in front of colorful wall smiling down at an infant in Ergobaby Embrace Soft Air Mesh carrier.

Ergobaby Embrace Soft Air Mesh

This carrier is great because it’s easy to throw on, offers cushioned neck support and it’s both breastfeeding-friendly and machine washable.

The construction is ideal for summer, thanks to its soft mesh on the shoulders and vented back panel. The moisture-wicking fabric will also keep you and your baby dry and comfortable in the heat of the sun. You can find it on the Ergobaby site, Amazon and Target.

Mom at the beach smiling at camera wearing happy baby in Beachfront Baby Wrap

Beachfront Baby Wrap

Pool days with a baby are a blast, but navigating the water when your hands are full will have you tired out faster than you can say Baywatch. That’s where the Beachfront Baby Wrap comes in.

Not only is it lightweight and moisture-wicking, it’s also meant to be worn both in and out of the water. The wrap comes in three styles: wrap-style, ring sling style and buckle meh dai (which is the most versatile style, since it can be worn on your front or back). The Everyday by Beachfront Baby line of carriers also have a UPF rating of 15, meaning it blocks about 87% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays. You can find a selection on Amazon.

Baby laying on their stomach on neutral carpet wearing white and gray Halo Cotton Muslin Sleep Sack

Halo 100% Cotton Muslin Sleep Sack

What makes this sleep sack so great? The sleeveless design prevents overheating, the inverted zipper design allows for easy diaper changes, and the premium fabric has no added chemicals and is super soft and breathable.

Halo makes all kinds of sleep sacks and the coolest ones are 0.5 TOG and made of 100% cotton. You can find them on the Halo site, Amazon and Target.

Interior of car showing car seat covered in foil-like car seat sun shade cover

Car Seat Sun Shade Cover

You know those fold up tin foil looking things that people put in their windshields to keep the rays of the sun the hell outta their cars on hot days? Well, this car seat sun shade cover follows a similar concept, but with a specific focus on your baby’s car seat.

Just pop the cover over your baby’s seat and let the elastic edging keep things nice and snug. Although it’ll probably remind you of a giant baked potato, your kiddo’s seat will actually be kept up to 26℉ cooler than it would be without the sun blocker. You can find it on Amazon.

Interior of car showing car seat with Little Bum Cooler being placed by smiling woman.

Little Bum Coolers

May baby swass be a thing of the past! But for real - Little Bum Coolers were designed by an Arizona mom who had been burned by hot metal seat belt buckles one too many times (literally) and decided to do something about it.

Little Bum Coolers use ice packs surrounded by a water-resistant fabric cover to keep car seats nice and cool when they’re not in use so your baby won’t toast their tushie when you strap them in after taking them out (obvs). You can find it on Amazon.

Interior of the car showing smiling baby sitting in car seat with Noggle positioned to blow cool air on them.


If you’ve ever had the pleasant experience of kickin it in the back seat with your kids, you’ve probably realized very quickly that the glorious blast of cool air you typically experience in the driver’s seat doesn’t always make its way into the rear of the vehicle. While you could try to screw around with the air vents until they’re juuuust right, the fine folks at Noggle came up with a better idea.

Noggle is essentially a tube that hooks up to the air vents at the front of your vehicle and directs cool (or warm) air straight to the passengers in the back. It’s been approved by car safety techs and the CPSIA and comes in three lengths - 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet. You can find it on Amazon.

Product shot of Veer misting fan with charging cord.

Veer Misting Fan

There’s nothing like a little mist to keep your baby feelin’ fresh while they’re out for a summertime stroll. The Veer Misting Fan rests in the cupholder of your stroller or wagon, where it converts water into a fine, cool mist using ultrasonic high frequency technology.

The 8.5 ounce water reservoir is easy to refill and can run for up to 10 hours on a fully charged battery. The adjustable fan angle means you’ll even be able to swivel the device to get the perfect angle for summer naps and the fully enclosed fan blades stop little fingers from messing with it. You can find it on the Veer site,  Nordstrom, and Amazon.

blade-free stroller fan for babies in the summer

Skip Hop Bladeless Stroller Fan

If you don't need the misting feature, this stroller fan has no blades and provides a nice breeze for up to six hours. It's rechargeable, has three speeds, and can connect to most strollers with a universal hub. It's around $20 and you can find it on the Skip Hop site, Amazon and Target.

Baby dressed in white sun shirt and blue sun hat with white stars playing in the sand.

Green Sprouts Baby And Toddler Sun Protection Hats

Green Sprouts has a great selection of best-selling baby and toddler sun hats that offer UPF 50+ protection from the sun and come in 3 different styles.

Whether you’re looking for baby flap hats, bucket hats or swim hats, Green Sprouts has you covered in super cute shades and prints in sizes from 0 months to 4T. I love that they tie so they are trick for a child to yeet out of a stroller without you noticing.

You can find them on Amazon and Target. (Note: they had a name change a few years ago from iplay to Green Sprouts but they are the same product.)

baby wearing sunglasses in the summer


Sunglasses look so cute on a baby but they are also incredibly helpful for protecting fresh eyes. Babiators are one of my favorites because they are well made, provide full UV protection and are almost impossible to break.

Like sun hats, it's great to start them young so they don't feel these accessories are optional (i.e. I'm throwing these off while you're not looking). You can find them on the Babiators site, Amazon and Target.

Overhead shot of baby wearing white and green laying on their back chewing on Green Sprouts Cool Ring teether

Green Sprouts Cool Ring Teether

The Green Sprouts Cool Ring Teether can be popped into the fridge or freezer to keep your baby cool on hot summer days while also providing relief from sore gums due to teething.

The multiple textures of the teether make it oh so gnawable, and the EVA material and sterilized water mean there’s no yucky stuff for you to worry about going in their mouth. The ring shape is easy for your little one to grab, hang onto and chew, and it’s the perfect size for babies aged 6 months and up. You can find it on Amazon and Target.

Got a teether? Check out Milksicles Are One Seriously Cool Teething Hack. These are great for teething and beating the heat and can be made with breastmilk or formula.

Haakaa Baby Fruit Food Feeder & Mini Freezer Nibble Tray

Haakaa Baby Fruit Food Feeder & Mini Freezer Nibble Tray

This feeder can be filled with a variety of purees, whole soft foods, frozen foods and liquids (frozen breast milk or formula, anyone?) making it a great snack for on the run and a perfect infant alternative to the iced-capp you might be sipping on to cool yourself down.

I like this one because it comes with a mold so you're not trying to cram an ice cube into the feeder portion. You can find it on Amazon and Target.

baby pool for summer

Intex Baby Pool

I'm not going to go too far down the toy route, but I wanted to get this inflatable pool on your radar. It is small, very inexpensive and has an inflatable bottom to lessen head bonks (most kiddie pools have a flat bottom). It's small size means cold hose water heats up quickly and you can supervise a small child from all angles on hot summer days. I love this thing. You can find it on Amazon and Target.

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What Are Your Hot Tips For Keeping Cool?

When it comes to keeping your baby (and yourself) cool in the summer, do you have any products, tips or tricks you’d recommend? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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