Whether you had no idea this was a thing or heard murmurings about getting a free breast pump through insurance, I’m here to give you the low down and why it's worth checking out.

Most insurance companies will cover a breast pump.

The Affordable Care Act (2010) requires most health insurance plans to cover the cost of a breast pump as part of preventive health services. How much will vary from company to company and, unfortunately, some plans are grandfathered in so you aren’t entitled to diddly squat.

In true insurance company spirit, they often make it complicated and confusing through long forms, applications, and require a prescription from your doctor.

In an effort to make this easier, some organizations will help you pick out a pump then take care of all your insurance paperwork.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one. Essentially these companies are breast pump stores that recognize what a pain it is to deal with insurance so they submit your claim and are reimbursed by the insurance company instead of you.

Breast Pump Brands Included

  • Ameda
  • Ardo
  • BabyBuddha
  • Dr. Brown's
  • Elvie
  • Freemie
  • Haakaa
  • Lansinoh
  • Medela
  • Motif
  • Spectra
  • Willow

Are there any drawbacks?

Not really. The only situation where I could see it being beneficial to submit the claim yourself is if your insurance will only cover a portion of your pump and you find an amazing deal somewhere. If the legwork of getting a prescription, buying the pump, and waiting for your reimbursement from insurance doesn't bother you (and you love a good sale) it might be worth going this route.

Here are some tips for picking out a breast pump that's right for you.

Get up to $2,000 in free essentials.

Access products like breast pumps, breast pump parts, counseling, belly bands, compression stockings, and postpartum support garments with qualifying insurance providers.

Want to see if you qualify for a free breast pump?

You’ll need your insurance ID number so they can nail down what you can get – eligibility can vary wildly even within the same insurance companies. All fields are required.

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