15 Pregnant Animals Who Are Done With This Whole Pregnancy Thing
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15 Pregnant Animals Who Are Done With This Whole Pregnancy Thing

By Emily Ramirez

I think anyone who has ever given birth would agree that the end of the third trimester is brutal, but that agony isn't solely reserved for humans. Oh no, my friends. It turns out being hugely pregnant is a massive pain in the buns for anyone who doesn't lay eggs. Except maybe marsupials, smug little punks, bucking tradition and popping out parbaked mini-mes who finish cooking in a pouch with a much larger opening.

But, biology refresher aside, even the most stoic of animals let their feelings be known when it comes to just how miserable the end of pregnancy can be.

Here are 15 pregnant animals who are large, in charge, and completely over being pregnant.

Pregnant monkey holds her very round belly with her hands.


The giant potbelly and wispy mustache almost distract from the dangly third nipple. Almost.

Very pregnant miniature pony stands looking forward in front of a white wall.


She's one baby kick to the ribs away from rolling right into greener pastures.

Pregnant horse with pink and blue ribbons tied around her flank wearing a flower crown looks at the camera.


What's that familiar look on her face? Ah, yes. Defeat. Utter defeat.

Very pregnant, very round blonde Guinea Pig sits in someone's hands looking forward


Cantaloupe? Hot air balloon? Real life Squishmallow? All we know is without a ride on her human carriage, whatever this is isn't getting around on those itty bitty legs.

Brown and white goat sits on her bum in a food bin inside a barn.


How she got here is second in importance only to knowing who's going to fill this bin back up with food ASAP.

Woman holds ferret so it is standing on it's hind legs, displaying very round belly.


Her face doesn't give away the fact that she's basically a sparsely haired coconut with legs from the ribs down.

Very pregnant elephant walks down a dirt road while massive belly extends from both sides of her frame.


Some carry high, some carry low. Some carry sideways and oh god I can't look at this anymore because it's so painful.

Very pregnant zebra stands in grassy field


The face you make when every animal on the savanna asks if you're sure you aren't having twins...

Very pregnant seal sleeps on her side on a beach in the sun


Sure, she's put on some weight, but she's pleased as punch that with this pregnancy, she doesn't have flankles.

Pregnant deer stands in grassy field looking at the camera


Feelin' cute. Might rocket a baby out into your yard later... or now...idk.

Four seahorses gather round one another, three of which have large white bellies


"Donny, you look great! You've got to tell us how you got your pouch back to your pre-pregnancy size so quickly!"

Very pregnant brown and white cow stands in a grassy field chewing cud


Even the comforting grind of cud couldn't distract poor Bessie from the fact that her nips were mere inches from the ground, and her due date was still weeks away.

Very pregnant hairless cat glares at the camera with a look of utter disapproval


Do it. Touch my belly again. See what happens. I dare you.

Enormously pregnant beluga whale pops her head up while her large body remains underwater


Sure, water distorts images but it's hard to imagine how seeing this on dry land would make it any better.

Pregnant panda sleeps while sitting on a rock, and balancing her upper body on a log.


It's been a while since the ACOG updated their sleep guidelines for pregnant women, but it will be interesting to see if they include the ever-popular perched on a cliff, dangling over a log, face down with muddy paws position as something they're recommending this year.

Which one of these delightfully round (and probably miserable) creatures do you identify with most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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