You’re still not pregnant, but your body is building up your uterine lining to prep for ovulation. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice an increase in the amount of cloudy and white mucus (no chance of meatballs), then as you get closer to ovulation, this mucus gets thinner and clearer – like egg whites.

About 20% of women can feel when they ovulate from a dull pain on one side (depending on which ovary is producing the egg) called mittelschmerz which literally translates to middle pain.

Leave it to the German’s to figure out the best way to label pain.

Ah, schadenfreude mein hausfrau.

2 Weeks Pregnant Cheat Sheet:

  • You’re still not pregnant but should be conceiving at some point next week.
  • You have around 259 days before you give birth and you're haven't even conceived yet. Magic!

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