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56 Parenting Acronyms So You Know WTF is Going On

By Emily Ramirez

Scanning any kind of pregnancy or parenting forum can feel like you’re learning a new language. Acronyms like TTC, HPT, LMP – it feels like there’s an acronym for just about any drip, drop or dribble you might encounter. And honestly, one might argue it’s better this way. I mean, who wants to type out (or read) cervical mucous when CM tells the whole story? But how are you supposed to know what they all mean, especially if it’s your first rodeo?

Here are 56 acronyms you’re likely to encounter when scanning pregnancy and parenting forums.


Means: Aunt Flo (or menstrual cycle)
Example: Negative pregnancy test and AF just showed up.


Means: Attachment parenting
Example: I babywear most of the day because I'm practicing AP.


Means: Before children (can also mean birth control)
Example: Remember what we thought tired meant BC? Ha. HA!


Means: Baby dancing (ya know, getting frisky)
Example: As fun as that Scentsty party sounds, we've got BD on the schedule for tonight, sorry!


Means: Breast Fed or Breast Feeding
Example: My first was BF, but this one has a dairy intolerance so we're formula feeding.


Means: Big Fat Negative (when referring to a pregnancy test. When talking to a teen it means ‘Bye for now’)
Example: We were hopeful, but this test was another BFN.


Means: Big Fat Positive (on a pregnancy test)
Example: The second I gave away all of my maternity jeans I got a BFP.

Wondering if THAT was something? Here are 23 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.


Means: Breast Milk (but will forever be seen as ‘bowel movement’ by me)
Example: Anyone have any tips for storing BM in a work fridge without freaking anyone else out?


Means: Baby Led Weaning
Example: When is a good time to start BLW?


Means: Cry It Out
Example: What does everyone think about CIO? It seems controversial.


Means: Calm The Fuck Down
Example: I'm practicing the CTFD parenting method where you ignore other parenting methods, stop comparing your family to others and just try to relax and enjoy life.


Means: Cervical Mucous
Example: Tracking your CM is one way to predict ovulation.


Means:  Cesarean Section / C-Section
Example: My first was a CS but this time around I'm hoping to lay an egg and avoid birthing altogether.


Means: Dear/Darling Husband
Example: I love my DH, but his ability to sleep through anything combined with his useless nipples makes me want to throat punch him sometimes.

Feeling mildly murdery towards your partner is super common. Here's one hilarious take on just that.


Means: Dear Daughter
Example: My DD was too quiet and long story short, any tips for getting peanut butter out of microfiber?


Means: Days Post Ovulation
Example: How many DPO is the soonest you've gotten a positive test?


Means: Dear Son
Example: My DS hates the bath. And car rides. And pants. And our dog. And sleep. Any tips?


Means: Extended or exclusively breastfeeding
Example: I'm planning on EBF, but just in case things don't go to plan, what's the best formula out there?


Means: Estimated due date
Example: My EDD is at the end of the month but I already feel like I'm 900 days overdue.


Means: Exclusively Pumping
Example: I had no idea how exhausting and rewarding EP could be.

Speaking of EP - here's some high praise for those who are on that path.


Means: Frozen Embryo Transfer
Example: How soon does a FET embryo implant?


Means: Formula feeding
Example: Any great hacks for FF twins? I need to grow more hands!


Means: Father-In-Law
Example: I know he's trying to be helpful, but my FIL dropping off a rack of ribs every Sunday is getting a little excessive.


Means: Fuck My Life (usually used humorously and/or to elicit moral support)
Example: Was already late for work. Then baby shit up their back. FML.


Means: First Response Early Result (pregnancy test)
Example: Is there a difference between the FRER and a dollar store test?


Means: First Time Mom
Example: FTM here wondering what people actually pack in their diaper bags when they take their baby to daycare.

(We've actually answered that one and even turned it into a handy printable checklist.)


Means: For The Win
Example: Successfully performed a backseat full wardrobe change after the baby had an Exorcist moment at the park. Spare clothes in your trunk FTW!


Means: For What It’s Worth
Example: FWIW, the idea of "bouncing back" is outdated, misogynistic, and perpetuates unhealthy body image standards.


Means: Home pregnancy test
Example: How soon is too soon to test with an HPT after missing my period?


Means: I feel your pain
Example: IFYP – I also had a c-section and thought I was going to die every time I coughed.


Means: In My Opinion/In My Honest Opinion
Example: IMO sleep deprivation is the hardest part of new parenthood.

Sleep loss isn't a joke, but if laughing about how miserable it is makes you feel better, we've got you.


Means: In Real Life
Example: I was a perfect mom before I had kids but IRL I'm just sort of winging it...and it mostly works.


Means: In Vitro Fertilization
Example: Gearing up for another round of IVF and needing lots of sticky baby vibes.


Means: Labor and Delivery
Example: My water broke so we're off to L&D!

Wondering what to pack for the big day? Here's a list to get you started.


Means: Lactation Consultant
Example: Any birthing person should have access to an LC to help them sort out chestfeeding.


Means: Last Menstrual Period
Example: In order to calculate your due date, you'll need to know when your LMP was.


Means: Little One (baby / child)
Example: No matter what I do, my LO won't let me put them down. Any good tips?

Have a velcro baby? Here's a glass-half-full perspective on birthing a stage-5 clinger.


Means: Mother-In-Law
Example: My MIL has been an absolute champ helping with the baby this year, and I want to give her something really special to say thanks. Any ideas?


Means: Maternity Leave
Example: I wish I had ML to look forward to, but I live in the US, so...


Means: Mother Of Multiples (mom of twins, triplets, etc.)
Example: MoM here looking for ways to creatively answer the question "are they twins" 900 times a day.


Means: Nursing in public
Example: NIP should be left entirely up to the person doing it, and their own personal comfort levels.


Means: Original Poster (the person who started the discussion)
Example: To answer OPs question, it took a while but eventually our dog got used to our baby and we're so happy to see the bond they have with each other.

Wondering how to smooth out this introduction? A few tips here.


Means: Ovulation Predictor Kit
Example: What's everyone's favorite OPK out there right now?


Means: Off Topic
Example: This is OT but I just have to say how nice it is to be a part of this community.


Means: Postpartum Anxiety
Example: There are a lot of great resources out there for anyone suffering from PPA.

Including this one.


Means: Postpartum Depression
Example: You'll be screened for PPD at your 6-week postpartum, but you should absolutely still touch base with your care provider if you're feeling off after.

Wondering what it's like to get help? Here's one mom's experience.


Means: Stay At Home Dad
Example: Being a SAHD works for our family.


Means: Stay At Home Mom
Example: I'm a SAHM by day and a superhero by night.


Means: Shaking My Head
Example: Did you just judge her because of how she's feeding her baby? SMH.


Means: Significant Other
Example: My SO feels like me sleeping with two body pillows is "excessive" and claims they "don't have room" but they're not growing a human, so...


Means: Sleeping Through The Night
Example: What age did your baby start STTN? Give me hope.


Means: Thanks In Advance
Example: Looking for adorable first birthday ideas. TIA!

Psst! These invitations are a great place to start!


Means: Too Much Information
Example: Okay, this is probably TMI, but (fill in the blank with anything that makes you want to bleach your eyeballs).


Means: Trying To Conceive
Example: How long did it take you to go from TTC to a BFP?


Means: Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Example: My recovery from my c-section was tough so this time around I'm trying for a VBAC.

Never heard of this? Here's what you should know.


Means: Work At Home Dad/Work At Home Mom
Example: After the pandemic, my partner stopped working in an office and now is a WAHD/WAHM.

GIF of dad conducting a zoom interview and two kids entering office unexpectedly

What did we miss?

Feel free to add any parenting or pregnancy acronyms we missed in the comments below!

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