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36 Creative Monthly Baby Photo Ideas You Can Do at Home

By Carly Viger
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Your baby’s first year is a whirlwind of little sleep, lots of diapers and even more special moments that go by in the blink of an eye. Capturing monthly milestone photos has become a popular way to look back on your itty bitty baby and see all the changes that happen in their first 12 months of life.

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So if you’re looking for some fun ways to snap the perfect picture, here are some creative monthly baby photo ideas you can do at home.

Ideas for Unique Monthly Baby Pictures

monthly baby photos with baby girl and flamingo toy
Monthly photos with a toy from Kelleynan

1. Baby With a Toy

Has your baby got a stuffy that has extra sentimental value? Get it in on the monthly photo action by posing it next to your little to show just how much they’ve grown. Keep the tradition going even after their first year if you want to keep the magic alive.

baby girl with 12 months of photos with letterboard
monthly photos with doll from Huoy Chen

2. Little doll

A letterboard and a special doll or stuffed animal is definitely a slam dunk when it comes to crafting the perfect milestone photo, if you’ve got both kicking around.

month by month photos with baby girl next to numbers created with household items
creative numbers from Helen Don photography

3. Creative Counting

If you love getting crafty and are looking for a monthly outlet, don’t sleep on a chance to make cute little seasonal numbers to go with your baby’s milestone shots. Actually, on second thought, sleep any chance you get and make the numbers when you wake up.

baby month photos shown with pizza boxes and pizza
Monthly Pizza Slices photos from Dani Leigh Giannandrea
baby shown with a box of pizza representing 4 months
4 months pizza slices photo from Dani Leigh Giannandrea @danileighphotography on Instagram

4. Slice of Life

Welp, we’ve found it - the champion photo milestone marker. Any excuse to order pizza once a month is a definite winner, especially in the early months when your baby is too little to demand that you share. This concept works best with places that have fairly plain pizza boxes.

baby eating donuts next to happy half dozen sign
6 months 1/2 dozen donuts monthly photo from Taylor Jarvis @taylor625 on Pinterest

5. Delish Doughnuts

Food-themed photo markers are a fun and delicious way to bribe your baby into posing for the perfect shot. Unless you’re into drooly leftovers, I’d probably recommend keeping your favorite flavor on a separate plate somewhere out of your baby’s reach.

6 month baby photo showing baby with doughnuts
6 months 1/2 dozen donuts monthly photo from Cashmere He @CashmereHeDIY on Instagram

6. Happy Half Dozen

I don’t think I can say it enough: there is never a bad time for doughnuts, especially when they look this cute. Get your letterboard and a special outfit in on the action to take your photo to the next level.

If you're looking for fun caption ideas, check out Year of Quotes for Cute Baby Picture Captions

black and white montly baby photos on desk calendar
Black and White monthly calendar photos from ashley ann photography

7. Calendar Prop

Getting a gorgeous photo doesn’t have to mean buying fancy or customized props. Grab the calendar hanging on the wall, or get a giant desk calendar for cheap, and start snapping. Circle special dates or write important moments on the calendar for bonus points!

baby with sibling on eleven months backdrop
Monthly photos with sharpie and paper from Jamie Dorobek C.R.A.F.T.

8. Sibling session

If you’ve got more than one kid in the family, why not take the opportunity to capture some monthly moments with an older sibling, too? Give your kids a crayon and let ‘er rip while they get creative designing a one-of-a-kind backdrop you can’t buy in any store.

baby held up against butcher paper backdrop with 7 month stats written on it
source unknown

9. Roll with It

Butcher paper isn’t just great for wrapping up delicious sandwiches; it also can make for a pretty sweet photo with your own little ham. Write down a few of your baby’s favorite moments and highlights from the month, scribble down the date, and voila! You’ve got a gorgeous and simple photo at your fingertips.

baby held against roll of paper iwth 133 days written on it
source unknown

10. Easy Backdrop

See what I mean about the butcher paper? Let this be a sign to go grab a roll now.

custom baby inforgraphic for a baby boy's first 12 months
Photo and Infographic keepsake ASPrintableArtStudio on Etsy

11. Custom Infographic

This infographic is a great way to make sure you’ve got all the big stuff from your baby’s first year covered, and it makes an awesome decoration for a first birthday party! You can get one made by this studio on Etsy.

baby girl next to daisys made into the number 8
Monthly flowers from Alina Pelin @pelinalina1991 on Pinterest

12. Flower Power

There are tons of fun ways you could incorporate flowers into monthly milestone pictures, like using your baby’s birth month blooms or picking something that’s in season. Grabbing some faux flowers from the dollar or craft store to reuse from month to month is also a great option!

baby next to milestone blocks that say 10 months
Milestone Blocks from Pearhead

13. Milestone Blocks

Let’s be honest - if you actually remember it’s time for your baby’s monthly milestone photo, you’ll be lucky if you can find something to write down what it is you were celebrating. These Milestone Blocks from Pearhead make commemorating a new month easy peasy, and your kid’ll probably have a blast knocking them down after. Grab your Milestone Blocks from Pearhead on Amazon.

baby lying on milestone rainbow blanket
Milestone Blanket from Caden Lane

14. Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets like this one from Caden Lane do double duty. Not only are they comfy to snuggle up in and play on, they’re also the perfect backdrop for your baby’s monthly photo op. Use a little Photoshop magic to throw a circle around the number of the month (or week or year if you’re feeling festive) and you’re ready to post or print. Get this Milestone Blanket from Caden Lane

baby lying on woodland milestone blanket
Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Woodland from Bubzi on Amazon

15. Woodland Blanket

If the only photo editing software you know your way around is Microsoft Paint, don’t sweat it. Many milestone blankets come with cute little props to help you mark your weeks and months, so you can snap your photo and be ready to roll - hopefully before your baby decides to. Get your low-tech Milestone blanket from Bubzi on Amazon.

hand holding wooden disk that says I arrived home today in front of newborn baby
Baby Milestone Wooden Discs from Kiin Baby

16. Milestone Markers

These Baby Milestone Wooden Discs are from Kiin Baby in Australia but Amazon also has a nice assortment. In addition to the classic month to month photo, there are also prompts like “Today I laughed” and “I took my first steps” which are great reminders to snap a photo or capture a video when you might not think of it in the excitement of the moment.

baby with a card that says celebrating 1 month

17. Baby Milestone Cards

Setting up for a monthly baby photo shoot is half the battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Grabbing a cute milestone card from a deck makes things just about as simple as they can be. Now all you have to worry about is getting your babe to sit still enough to get the perfect shot. Get the Milestone Cards Amelia Collection Basic Black from Free Pancakes

baby boy next to letterboard that says 9 months in 9 months out
9 Months photo from Kristina Lynne

18. Letterboard Milestones

Letterboards have become popular decor in the last few years and it’s easy to see why. They’re fun, they’re versatile, and they’re ready for a good time any time. The only limitation is the quality of your dad joke game (and how well you keep the letter stash hidden from the hands of your curious kiddos). I found a similar 10 x 10 letterboard on Amazon.

baby crying next to letterboard that says, get milk or cry trying quote
via Amber Stuart on Pinterest

19. Letterboard Quotes

You have 30 days to come up with your next perfect pun. Get your thinking cap on and grab a similar 10 x 10 white letterboard on Amazon.

baby girl next to pink letterboard and pink stuffed toys
Olivia's monthly milestone project from Idalia Photography

20. Think Pink

Another great thing about letterboards is that they often come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. You can also find different letters and emojis to really customize the look of your board. Amazon has a similar pink letterboard here.

baby next to milestone chalkboard
Handpainted Baby Milestone Chalkboard from Adorning Oaks

21. Chalkboards

Here’s a hot parenting tip I must admit I learned the hard way: You think you’ll remember every important thing your baby ever does, but if you don’t document it somehow, you probably won’t. A milestone chalkboard like this one from Adorning Oaks can help you look like you’ve got it together at least once a month, and for all the years ahead. These handpainted baby milestone chalkboards are done by Adorning Oaks.

baby in moses basket with three months wooden milestone marker
Pondering Pine on Amazon

22. Moses Basket

These wooden milestone markers allow you to get a consistent look regardless of the angle you’re using. I like how this new mom used a Moses basket to show a little scale for the context of her baby’s age. You could even use a basket of laundry for this (You most likely have one around constantly with a new baby). This set is from Pondering Pine but Amazon carries a ton of options.

baby in milestone pictures with balloons
Monthly photos with balloons from Ashley Diana

23. Balloon up

I don’t know if there’s a baby around who doesn’t get a kick out of a balloon, so fill a few of those suckers up with helium and get snappin’. The real fun for your baby comes once they get into those double digit months.

number 1 spelled out with school supplies next to one month old baby
Themed monthly photos with creative numbers from Anna with Love Photography

24. Numbers game

If you’ve got time, creativity, and a few great props on your side, making themed monthly numbers, like this “Back to School” 1 is a fun way to add a bit of oomph to your monthly milestone pic.

1 month milestone next to baby
Baby Pics App via @twinmomma808

25. Apps

I always felt like the pressure was on when it was time to take monthly photos of my son, and often forgot altogether with my second born (oops). Download an app like Baby Pics and you can add monthly facts to any photo on your camera roll. Bam.

black and white photo of baby next to family dog
Monthly photos with a furry friend from JonesMrJones

26. With The Family’s Pets

If you’re up for the challenge of getting two squirmy creatures to sit together and pose once a month, I think you’ll agree that the adorable results are definitely worth the effort.

black and white milestone images of a baby in a basket
B&W monthly photos from Tekoa Rose Photography

27. Baby in a Basket

Not only does sticking your baby in a basket make for a super cute picture, as an added bonus, it also keeps them contained…until they learn how to climb, at least. Superimpose the corresponding month over your photo with whatever editing app you like best, and you’re set.

12 photos of a baby being held up by parent over 12 months
from Little Meg

28. Hold up

Aside from the fact that there’s something super satisfying about holding your baby up for the world to see, a la Rafiki in The Lion King, this is the perfect solution for getting your baby to look right at the camera before they can escape to crawl after the dog.

milestone images of baby with mom holding them
Where the Smiles Have Been

29. Parent Backdrop

For all the parents who lament about never having any pictures with their baby, but also lament about not wanting to get dressed up to take photos with their baby, this is a pretty good compromise. All jokes aside, this is a sweet way to capture photos of the two of you together as you grow and change over the course of your first year.

black and white photos in a my first year frame
keepsake photo frame from GOWENIC on Amazon

30. Black and White

If you’re like me and you’re just not coordinated enough to remember to get your baby in front of the same backdrop every month for a year, go ahead and get a photo frame that does the job for you. All you have to do is pick your favorite baby photo from each month of their first year, print it off and plunk it in the frame. You can get First Year of Life Frames on Amazon.

felt letters spelling out how many months old a baby is
Lucien is 1 from Famille Summerbelle

31. Spell It Out

Felt letters are a fun and colorful way to spell out the months of your baby’s first year. You may have to move quickly to catch your baby’s gaze before they realize that their head is surrounded by soft, rainbow-hued squishies, but it’s too cute not to try.

seasonal baby milestone photos taken next to letterboard
Holidays/Seasonal monthly photos - source unknown

32. Seasons

If you wanna go all out with your baby’s monthly pictures, there’s really no better way to do it than by getting themed outfits, photo props, and sealing the deal with a carefully curated letterboard message. Hit up Easter eggs in, Christmas costumes, Halloween pumpkins and channel your inner professional photographer. Sure, it’ll involve a bit more coordination and planning on your part, but it’ll be worth the squeals when you share the photos or look back on them when your baby’s all grown up. Check out 35 Best 'Baby's First Christmas' DIY Photoshoot Ideas for inspiration there too.

12 images taken each month of baby boy in a white chair
August's Monthly photos from Making it Lovely

33. Sitting Pretty

Anyone who’s ever been a baby or been around one has probably heard the phrase, “I remember when you were only this big!” Whether your babe has grown too heavy to sit on your lap or can finally sit upright on your favorite chair, it’s pretty fun (and maybe a little heartbreaking) to keep track of how they start to fill up a piece of furniture over time.

baby sitting in white chair in front of a chalkboard wall with lettering
Monthly Milestones via bowdenisms

34. Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is the perfect backdrop to capture all the fun stuff your little baby gets up to each month. If you don’t have access to the real deal, you could also find a dark wall and use your favorite photo editing software to get the same effect. It’s really up to you whether or not to include milestones like “Flushing mommy’s Airpods down the toilet” or to hope those memories fade over time.

month by month baby photos with the numbers spelled out in vegetables
via keren sachs on Instagram

35. Veggies

Wondering what to do with all of those delicious veggies your kid refuses to eat? Why not repurpose them in a fun and beautiful homage to their monthly growth (and maybe another failed dinner experiment?) Ah, yes. I’ll never forget the way he revolted against bok choi, but he sure was cute, wasn’t he?

4 images of a baby photographed over the course of a year in the same blue sleeper
Same PJs each month - source unknown

36. Same Sleeper

Watching your teeny newborn baby grow out of the adorable clothing that fit them once upon a time is an emotional experience for sure. Documenting them each month as they get a little bigger is a genius way to capture the experience and to get to see them in that favorite outfit a few more times.

Getting the perfect shot

With so many creative ways to capture the first year of your baby’s life, it’s no wonder why monthly milestone photos are so popular. Best of all, commemorating each monthly moment doesn’t have to be a big deal or involve a lot of prep, making it easier than ever to jump in on the trend.

Grab a soft blanket, a couple of pillows and experiment with different angles to see what works the best. Natural lighting is alway the best lighting so set yourself up near a window where the light is hitting your baby (not behind them).

I also find setting the alarm on your phone or scheduling this shoot in your calendar helpful. It's amazing how time can get away from you when you're sleep deprived, and it's hard to recreate a three month old picture with an 8 month old.

Do you have Monthly Milestone Pics?

I’d love to see all your creative baby photoshoot ideas!

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