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What You Need to Know About the Mockingbird Stroller Recall

By Emily Ramirez

If you’ve followed the site for any length of time, you probably know we are huge fans of the Mockingbird stroller. With its sleek design and more affordable price point, it made headlines and quickly climbed ‘best of’ lists when it was released a few years ago. Unfortunately, it’s making headlines again with a voluntary recall due to a small number of frames on specific lots of their Single-to-Double and Single strollers cracking.

Why is the Mockingbird stroller being recalled?

Mockingbird, in partnership with the CSPC, is voluntarily recalling a number of Single-to-Double and Single strollers after reports of hairline cracks developing in the sides of a very small number of frames (0.09% of Single-to-Double and 0.05% of Single strollers that have been sold). These cracks pose a fall risk for children, which is why Mockingbird is being extremely cautious and issuing this voluntary recall.

What strollers are affected?

Only certain Single-to-Double strollers with lot numbers between 20091 and 22602 and Single strollers with lot numbers between 18322-22278 and 23174-23175 are affected. To figure out if your stroller is included in this recall, click here. (Your lot number can be found on a white product label located on the inner left side of your frame down by the basket.)

It’s important to note that strollers currently being sold through Target, Babylist, and the Mockingbird site are not affected by this recall.

Graphic showing where to find the lot number on Mockingbird Single-to-Double strollers

What do I do if it’s recalled?

If your stroller is one of the affected lots, stop using it for now, and fill out the form requesting the free Frame Reinforcement Kit. Mockingbird will send you a couple of clamps that will help support the frame and prevent any cracks from developing. Just like the rest of the stroller, these clamps have undergone extensive testing by a 3rd party, and have been reviewed and approved by the CSPC to ensure their safety.

Are the clips easy to install?

Yep! The Frame Reinforcement Kit includes everything you’ll need to attach them to your stroller, and once it’s done, they blend in seamlessly with the existing hardware.

Photo of where Frame Reinforcement Kit clamps are placed.

Who do I contact if I have questions about this recall?

Mockingbird is happy to answer any questions you may have about the recall. Reach out to their customer service department via email (, or give 'em a call at 877.274.3240 Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm ET.

Recalls are a pain in the noodle but an important part of product safety.

It never feels good to find out something you’ve purchased or has been gifted is part of a recall (side note, this is also why you should always fill out those product registration cards!). Hopefully, if you have this product, the fix they’ve issued works well for you, and you can continue using your stroller with confidence.

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