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Funny Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Couples

By Emily Ramirez
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As a bonafide lover of all things spooky season, it seems like a waste not to use that baby bump as a prop for a killer costume. And finding a way to incorporate it into a couple's costume means you only have to use half the creative juices while you scheme and search for the perfect look.

Many of these funny maternity Halloween costumes are ones you can pull together at the last minute, which is also a huge plus.

Here are some of the funniest, best pregnant Halloween costumes for couples.

pregnant Violet Beauregarde and Willy Wonka
ksuter14 on Instagram

Violet Beauregarde and Willy Wonka

Whether you full-on blue yourself (where are my Arrested Development fans at?!) or you opt for a blue tracksuit and a wad of gum, this Violet Beauregarde and Willy Wonka is pretty hard to beat in the memorable pregnancy Halloween costumes category.

castaway couple halloween costume with volleyball pregnancy belly
@heymeganmorgan on Instagram


Turning your belly into the beloved volleyball, Wilson is both an ode to a pretty great movie and a chance to have your partner try out a really aggressive hair/beard combo for a night. You never know what might come of that, so proceed with caution.

juno pregnancy halloween couples costume
@brittanyviklund on Instagram

Juno and Paulie

While this costume idea may be done with some frequency, it’s a go-to costume for pregnant women for all the reasons that count: comfort, ease of pulling together, and getting to see their partner’s legs in short shorts all night.

bun in the oven and baker couple costume
@saracmorrison on Pinterest

Bun in the Oven and Baker

This is a classic because it combines two things people love: bread and puns. Use this as an announcement at a party or just as a clever costume for the big night. It does look fairly hard to pee in (yes, we're going there), but sometimes big sacrifices are worth it.

couples costume of Jar of Preggo Spaghetti Sauce
Megan Williams @meganmcnerneyx on Pinterest

Jar of Preggo Spaghetti Sauce

This is another one that you've probably seen before, but it's family-friendly, cute, and easy. Also: you can walk around with a bowl of noodles which isn't the worst thing when you are hungry 23 hours out of the day.

pregnancy couples costume with bump ahead sign
@juliapop12 on Instagram

Bump Ahead Construction Workers

Easy to pull together, can involve the whole family, and great visibility for trick-or-treating after dark. That's one helluva combination.

pregnant woman dressed as disco ball with man dressed as 70s dancer
Brynn Thomas @brynnstahle on Pinterest

Disco Ball and Dancer

Light up the night with your beacon of a belly. With your bump playing the part of the disco ball, you get to stand in one place and watch the party revolve around you.

halloween couples costume as magic eight ball
Christina Valero @valerocv on Pinterest

Magic Eight Ball

Easy, funny, and absolutely guaranteed to lead to people touching your belly while they ask borderline inappropriate questions... which might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how badly you wanted to know about your neighbor's gout.

Gumball Machine and Quarter pregnancy couples costume
Kristin Dixon on Instagram

Gumball Machine and Quarter

This one is another classic pregnant Halloween costume, and although it isn't the easiest one to pull off, the sheer impressiveness will outweigh any pity votes people send your way in the office Halloween Costume Competition.

diy Bob Ross and Pretty Little Tree halloween costume for couples

Bob Ross and Pretty Little Tree

The real star of the show here is your partner, so this is a great one for anyone looking to hide behind some foliage and call it a day.

pregnant Avocado and Taco halloween costume
kalysecordingley on Instagram

Avocado and Taco or Toast

This is another one that some might feel is overdone, but if we’re going to get harangued about our affinity for avocados being the reason we can’t afford a house, we might as well make a joke out of it… before we go home and cry into our off-label Cheerios. You can DIY this puppy so the avocado pit is your belly, or just get it from a store and keep your stomach under wraps.

couple dressed as Kool-Aid Man and Wall pregnancy halloween costume
Katie Horn @katielovvve

Kool-Aid Man and Wall

This one couldn’t be easier since you pretty much just need a red shirt, a cardboard box or poster board, and either felt or a marker to make the face. Perfect for a last-minute pregnancy Halloween costume idea.

couple dressed as a pregnant Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin
@lindsey_cayton on Instagram

Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin

The good thing about dressing like a bear is there is a broad range of acceptable outfits. Whether you’re drawing your inspiration from a cutesy Pinterest look or Fat Bear Week, there’s no wrong way to dress like our beloved Pooh.

couple in Pokemon Characters DIY halloween costume
Iris Villarreal @iris0466 on Pinterest

Pokemon Characters

It doesn’t take much to pull this look off, especially if you’re handy with face paint. And as Pikachu once so insightfully pointed out, “Every step for you is one thousand for me and my lungs are the size of grapes” which is OBVIOUSLY a secret nod to pregnancy.

man and woman dressed up as a Kangaroo and Joey
Lauren.M.Marino @comfycozyclassic

Kangaroo and Joey

This is another one that doesn’t require much and can pretty much be pulled together with stuff you have lying around. Don’t have a kangaroo stuffie? Koalas, possums, wallabies, and numbats (my favorite new kid-friendly insult) could also work.

couple dressed in a homemade Monsters Inc. costume

Monsters Inc.

Great for 1st trimester, haven't told anyone, too sick/tired/etc. to do anything elaborate, need to wear leggings and oversized tees because nothing fits anymore.

couple dressed as bags of ice for halloween
@hope_is_about_it on Instagram

Ice Ice Baby Pun

Honestly, the most expensive thing about this is probably the bottle of vanilla, which most of us already have in our cabinets. A couple of trash bags, some blue balloons, and a baby doll, and this DIY costume is good to go. It's also a great costume if you're trying to hide a pregnancy.

Charlie Brown and a pregnant Great Pumpkin
Liv Beatty @liv.beatty on Instagram

Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin

You can take the extra work and turn an orange shirt into a jack-o-lantern, or leave it as is and call yourself the Great Pumpkin. Either way, you’re going home with more than a rock. No promises for your Charlie Brown, though.

couple dressed as the addams family holding a spider baby onesie
Heather Cleveland @ihateprojects

Addams Family

This one is definitely one of the most involved on this list, but for lovers of the Addams Family, it’s a solid choice. The hand! The three-legged onesie! The slick-backed hair. It’s too good.

husband and wife in a Thing 1 & 2 and the Cat in the Hat halloween costume
Tiffany Dewitt @colorbrushco on Instagram

Thing 1 & 2 and the Cat in the Hat

This one would be phenomenal for someone expecting twins, but also works for singleton pregnancies. Your partner could just as easily be Thing 2, but if they're excited about a goofy hat and an oversized bowtie, let them have their moment.

man and woman dressed in skeleton halloween costumes with two dog and a cat
fashionablykay on Instagram

Skeleton Family

This one really runs the gamut from simple onesie or t-shirt to more complex with some seriously creative makeup, which is probably why it’s one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas. Is it funny? That sort of depends on what you decide to include in your skeleton, but there are some silly options out there that include things like burgers and candy kicking around in your partner’s belly.

momster and dadcula sweatshirts

Momster and Dadcula

If you’re looking for the simplest possible costume that will allow you easy access for the 489 bathroom breaks you’re going to take during the 2 hours of Halloween fun, look no further than a fun sweatshirt. You can find it here on Etsy.

There are tons of options for funny and easy Halloween costumes for pregnant couples

This is just a smattering of the brilliant ideas people are coming up with, but hopefully these inspire you to pull something together that checks all the boxes. No matter what, nobody's going to judge you for phoning it in this year while you do the spookiest thing of all and build a whole ass human out of goo.

Have you pulled off an epic maternity Halloween couples costume? Let us know what you went as in the comments below.

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