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60+ Baby Shower Themes: Ideas for Boys & Girls

By Amy Morrison
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There are so many amazing baby shower themes out there and it can be hard to decide on the best one to go with. It’s worth taking some time to think about it because once you have the theme nailed down, many of the decisions regarding the color theme, decor, invitations, and sometimes even the menu will be made for you.

I’ve found some of the best baby shower themes, grouped them into categories, and paired each theme with an invitation from Minted.

If you’re not familiar with Minted, they make absolutely gorgeous invitations, signs, invitation inserts (like for diaper raffles) party favor stickers, thank you cards and even free baby shower games printables. It’s nice to be able to get all these things in one spot so you’re not desperately trying to find teddy bear stickers at Target the night before the shower.

Whether you’re having a shower for a baby boy or baby girl or looking for something gender-neutral, here are some of the best baby shower theme ideas to spark creativity!

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This baby shower theme is so much fun because it’s fairly easy to find decor to go with it. I love the idea of incorporating larger stuffed animals that the parents-to-be can take home with them (Melissa & Doug make the best giant animals).

Figure out how ‘lush’ you want to go with this theme, then work out your color scheme. As you can see from the pictures below, it can be very delicate and muted or wonderfully green and rich.

safari baby shower invitations
Safari Adventure by Randi Cirelli, Lovely Jungle by Sabrin Deirani, Safari Dreams by Teju Reval
jungle themed baby shower
1. Jungle Safari Baby Shower - Karen's Party Ideas
born to be wild theme party for baby
2. Born to be Wild - Inspired by This
jungle theme baby shower food table
3. Hosting a Jungle Themed Baby Shower - Home with Holly J
jungle themed baby shower silver elephant party favors
4. Animal Jar Favors - The Tomkat Studio

Woodland Friends

Anything with forest creatures makes for a cute baby shower theme, especially if you’re working with an outdoor party and have a forest as a backdrop.

Greenery plays a big part in this theme, so make sure you figure out what kind you want to use (and how easy it is to get your hands on it). If you can opt for natural materials like craft paper and wood, it will help carry the theme. If you’re looking for exceptional woodland creatures for a cake topper or something special, Schleich makes the nicest ones.

woodland themed baby shower invitations
Spring Woodland by Sarah Knight, A Woodland Adventure by Elly, Woodland Beginnings by Jennifer Wick
outdoor woodland baby shower with table and balloons
5. A Woodland Themed Baby Shower - Glitzy Balloon Co.
deer baby shower cake
6. Wintery Woodland Baby Shower - Beard & Bloom
food table at woodland baby shower
7. Woodland Baby Shower Theme - The Misty Home

Feathered Friends

There is so much you can do with a bird theme whether it’s eggs, nests, storks or ducks. I love the idea of weaving in delicate meadow flowers, feathers and pretty pastel colors that are often associated with this theme.

feather and bird baby shower invitations
Love Birds by Rebecca Smith, Swan Song by Carolyn Kach, Little Shower by Vera Lim
bird themed centerpiece for baby shower
8. A Sweet Little Bird Themed Baby Shower - Pretty My Party
bird cage centerpiece
9. Bless This Nest Bird Baby Shower - Hostess with the Mostess
duck cupcakes
10. An Adorable Yellow Little Duckling Adoption Party - Kate Aspen
mother goose baby shower cake
11. Mother Goose Cake - @lovelycakesct 
stork centerpiece on table for baby shower
13. Stork Themed Baby Shower - Mindy Weiss

Moons and Stars

This baby shower theme has so many possibilities: “Over the Moon,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “Our Little Star,” “Love You to the Moon and Back,” “Luke, I’m Your Father” (just kidding—sort of).

Your best bet with this theme is to stick to cool blues, purple shades, and metallics. I’d also roll out the fairy lights with anything star-related.

moon and star baby shower invites
Moon and Stars by Creo Study, Little Star by Meggy Masters, Over the Moon by Joanna Griffin
twinkle twinkle little star baby shower
14. Baby Shower Brunch - Coffee and Denim
love you to the moon and back shower
15. Moon and Stars Baby Shower - Details Duo
food table for moon and stars theme
16. Moon and Stars Baby Shower - Candidly Crafted
pregnant woman standing in front of food table at baby shower
17. A Blue Star Themed Baby Shower - Inspired By This
love you to the moon and back food table with black background
18. Love you to the moon and back - Decouvrir Design

Raindrops and Rainbows

Rain and rainbows are so fresh and light, which makes them a perfect baby shower theme. The color possibilities are endless — you could go soft and muted or bright and happy.

This theme would be perfect for spring babies, second babies (just a sprinkle), and rainbow babies, but I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

rainbow baby shower and sprinkle invitations
Rainbow Shower by Meggy Masters, Rainbow Sprinkles by Kristie Kern, Mod Rainbow Sprinkle by Maria Alou
baby sprinkle food table with umbrella
19. A Baby Sprinkle Shower- The Decorina
oh baby baby shower table with white balloons and colorful raindrops
20. April Showers Bring May Flowers Baby Shower - Rose Clearfield
rainbow balloon arch over oh baby sign and table
21. Boho Rainbow Baby Shower - Pop of Gold
pregnant woman in rainbow dress in front of streamers
22. Rainbow Baby Shower - 100 Layer Cake-let


Whether it’s a garden party or flowers in bloom theme, I don’t think you can go wrong with flowers. They are fresh, new and all things baby.

Decide what type of flowers you’ll use (bright and fun vs. soft and meadowy), and let those colors dictate the rest of the decor. I also feel like bees and butterflies should make an appearance every once in a while.

wildflower baby shower invitations
Blooming Brunch by Ashley DeMeyere, Baby Flora by Petra Kern, Flower Garden by Susan Moyal
baby carriage with flowers and baby in bloom sign
23. Baby in Bloom Baby Shower - Kara's Party Ideas
flower streamers behind outdoor couch
24. Wildflower Baby Shower - Mal and Jess
dessert table with olive's garden sign under balloons
25. Wildflower Baby Shower - Pinterest

Mama to Bee‌

Who doesn’t love a delicious pun?! I love this baby shower theme because it’s easy to find many things related to bees. Natural wood, wild flowers, greenery, soft or bright yellows, sunflowers, honey, etc., all work with this one. I would pick your invite and use the color theme and details to help guide your decor choices.

bee and honey themed baby shower invitations
Mama to Bee Shower by Erin German, Mama To Bee by Stacey Meacham, Mama To Bee by Sarah Knight
mama to bee sign hanging over food table
26. Mama to Bee Baby Shower - Parties by Tanea
hey honey sticks
27. Garden Bumble Bee Baby Shower - Inspired by This
honeycomb table display with flowers and bees
28. Honey Bee Baby Shower - Pinterest
honeycomb shelves with cake and cookes
29. A Little Honey is on the Way- Kara's Party Ideas


How fun is this theme?! It would work especially well if you’re having a co-ed shower and don’t want to do anything too frilly. If you’re worried about it getting too much of a “Pitmasters” vibe, pair it with lemons and lemonade to stick with the theme but soften it a bit.

baby q shower invitations
Backyard Bbq by Paper Sun Studio, B(A)B(Y)Q by Lauren Chism, Baby-Q by Jamie Alexander
backyard bbq baby shower with tables and yellow balloons
30. Backyard Blue & Yellow Shower Brunch - Kara's Party Ideas
barbeque sauce with ribbons tied around
31. B(A)B(Y)-Q - Country Living
black and red table for barbeque baby shower
32. BabyQ Baby Shower - That’s Sobrisha Events
pink oh baby sign hanging over lemon themed baby shower food table
33. A Lemon Themed Baby-Q Shower - Baby Blossom Company

Sip and See‌

Sip and Sees are when the baby-to-be has already been born and you are there to celebrate the new baby. They tend to be a little more casual and include drinks (these are a few of my favorite things), but that doesn’t mean you have to dial down the decor.

Use your invite as a guide to your color palette, or use whatever drinks you’re serving to steer your colors and decorations. I love the champagne with the straws. You just know someone is falling in the bushes with that combo.

sip and see invitations
Ice Ice Baby by Corie Page, Mimosas and Milk by Alethea and Ruth, Flora Garden by SunnyJuly
sip and see party table sideboard
34. Sip & See Party ~ Hello Harper! - Shining on Design
people sitting outdoors for a baby sip and see
35. Archer Sip and See - David and Leanna
clock hanging over side table with party food
36. Sip and See - Easy Like Sunday Morning
champagne with straws in front of pink flowers
36. Millie's Sip and See - House of Harper

Baby is Brewing

Whether it’s a tea party, a coffee bar or a beer theme, I love how this theme sets the mood for the day.

I love this theme because you can have fun with the food without having to provide a full meal. Like coffee and donuts, or tea with macarons and little sammies, or beer with giant pretzels and that cheese dip stuff (I think I’m hungry).

baby brewing invites
Baby Brewing by Laura Hankins, A Baby Is Brewing by Jamie Alexander, Baby Brewing by Erica Krystek
coffee cups with baby g beside a stack of donuts
38. Hello Baby: Our Baby Bash Details - This Life of Ours
baby is brewing sign hanging over food table
39. Baby Brewing - Bizzie Bee Creations - Catch My Party
coffee chalkboard sign
40. Coffee and Cravings Baby Shower - Frog Prince Paperie


I’d be on board if all you said to me was ‘donuts’ in any situation. There are so many things you can do with sprinkles and candy to make this one fun.

This is another great theme for a baby sprinkle if the parents already have older kids and need a few things for their latest bundle of joy.

I also had to add the Bonjour Bébé invite because I kept saying it in a Moira Rose voice.

donut baby shower invitations
All Over Sprinkles by Hooray Creative, Sprinkle Me One by Lagniappe Paper, Oh Bébe by Ashley Iwafuchi
bebe sign hanging over flowers and food on a table
41. Bonjour Bébé - Pop It When She Pops
oh baby gold sign in stack of donuts
42. Twinkle, Twinkle, it’s a Sprinkle! - Piper Ellice
sprinkle frame with cake and pink table cloth
43. Sprinkled With Love - Rebecca Sigety Photography
balloons shaped like baby hanging behind donuts on a white cake stand
44. Sprinkles and Donuts theme Baby Shower - junerose.photography


Balloons are inexpensive yet make a huge impact. I love that this theme can go from a whimsical circus to elegant regency-period hot air balloons. The hot air balloon centerpiece below is just amazing, and I think the white balloon clouds in the last image are just brilliant.

hot air balloon baby shower invitations
Hot Air Balloon Bear by Teju Reval, Baby Balloon Ride by peetie design, Campania by Megan Davis
hot air balloon centerpiece
45. Up, Up and Away Hot Air Balloons Baby Shower Ideas - Parties 365
white table set for baby shower with flowers and white hot air balloons
46. Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower - Inspired By This
large hot air balloon decorated table with cake and desserts
47. Sky Themed Party - 100 Layer cake

Books & Nursery Rhymes‌

The key to this theme is deciding whether it’s going to be about books in general or focusing on one book or nursery rhyme, such as Winnie-the-Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods, Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, etc.

It’s so fun because the possibilities with the decorations are endless. If the theme also ties into the nursery decor, you can spring for more substantial decorations like the bunny lamp shown below.

book and nursery rhyme baby shower invitations
Storybook by Itsy Belle Studio, Fabled Storybook by Paper Raven Co., Disney's Winnie the Pooh in the Wood by Becky Nimoy
book baby shower food table with books stacked
48. Book Themed Baby Shower - Thoughtfully Simple
peter rabbit baby shower table
49. Peter Rabbit Themed Baby Shower - Confetti Fair
children's book cupcakes
50. The Sweetest Storybook Baby Shower - C'mon Mama
party treats sign over chocolate wagon wheels
51. Children’s Book Themed Baby Boy Shower - La Pizzazzerie
winnie the pooh centerpiece with daisies
52. Sweet as Honey: Baby Shower Florals - Wildflora
peter rabbit bunny lamp and flowers
53. Peter Rabbit Bunny Themed Baby Shower - Camille Styles

Going Places

Planes, trains, and automobiles‌ are so much fun with white balloons as clouds, maps, or toy cars and trains. The color palette for these ones tends to stay in the blue, red, white, and natural wood camp, but I think you could go with any color and make it work.

As a mother of boys, I think the secondary theme for the Boy Mom Club invites should be “I hope you like urine.”

baby boy baby shower invitations
Boy Mom by Angela Garrick, Fly With Me by Vera Lim, Bold Stripes by Kristie Kern
map party table setting
54. Global Themed Mom-to-Be Soiree - Partyslate
white balloons with blue paper planes
55. Airplane Baby Shower - Jolly and Happy
white cupcakes sitting on blue plane wings
56. Precious Cargo Airplane Themed Party - Pretty Party by Chrissie Rabalais
food table with it's a boy airplane theme
57. Vintage Aviation Baby Shower - Project Nursery
blue and white cupcakes on table with wooden train
58. Train Party with Cupcakes - Love The Day

Outdoor Adventure

This is a perfect theme if you’re hosting a baby shower for someone who loves the outdoors or camping. It’s kind of like the woodland theme, but I feel like it’s a little more rugged. Instead of foxes and fairies, it’s more like bears and pine trees.

Natural colors and materials are the keys to this one's success. I love the idea of using cut wood as an easy (and cheap) decor element.

outdoor themed invites
Baby Adventure by Ashley DeMeyere, Grand Adventure by Leia Matt, Little Terrarium by Paper Raven Co.
welcome to our great adventure chalkboard sign
59. Great Adventure Baby Shower - Catch My Party
let the adventure begin sign with balloon arch
60. Let the Adventure Begin - @kaceys_decor
pregnant woman cutting forest animal cake
61. An Adventure Themed Baby Shower - Hooray Mag
cake and cupcakes
62. Our Journey to Parenthood Themed Baby Shower - Extra Petite

Under or Upon the Sea

I love that this theme can be beachy or more ocean-themed. Navy and white (and anchors) are probably going to be a must, but I love how people have woven in colors like coral and natural seagrass as well.

sea themed shower invitations
Little Sailboat by Jennifer Holbrook, Set Sail by Jen Tips, Ahoy! by Poppy Wink Design Studio
ahoy it's a boy sign in front on ship wheel
63. Ahoy! It's a Boy - Hostess with the Mostess
boat centerpiece with blue and white flowers
64. Elissa's Baby Shower - hello honey
blue and white food table with white anchor
65. Whale Themed Nautical Baby Shower - Spaceships and Laser Beams
ahoy it's a boy sign hanging over nautical themed table
66. Ahoy! It's a Boy - One Celebration at a Time

Beachy Baby‌

Soft sand and cool blues and coral work with this theme. I love the idea of sea shells and surf boards in there too! Most Minted baby shower invitations have different color options so you can customize the colors to match the vibe or if you’re trying to tailor it to a shower for a baby boy, baby girl or something gender neutral.

beach themed baby shower invitations
Seashell by Alethea and Ruth, Baby on Board by Jenna Holcomb, Patio Party by Paper Sun Studio
baby on board surfboard sign behind seashell table
67. Baby on Board Beach Theme - Staying Home Sawyer
pregnant woman standing in front of baby on surfboards
68. A Sun-Kissed Baby Sprinkle - Inspired By This
white flowers in blue vase with seashells
69. Under the Sea Marine Life Baby Shower - Kara's Party Ideas
pregnant woman in pink dress at pink sea themed baby shower
70. The Cutest Ocean Themed Baby Shower - Intertwined Events
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The Trick to Picking a Unique Baby Shower Theme

When deciding on a baby shower theme and don’t know where to start, my advice is to look at invitations. It’s the easiest way to narrow down what everyone likes because ‘woodland’ can look very different depending on who you’re talking to.

Once everyone is happy with the invite, use that to help pick colors, decor and the overall vibe of the party.

Don’t worry too much about decorating an entire space, either. Focus on the key spots, like the table with the food, the spot where the mom-to-be will sit to open gifts, or the table centrepiece where the guests will be to make the biggest impact. As you see from many of these photos, a single decorated dessert table can be just as effective as a fully decorated venue.

Hopefully, this has helped with some party inspiration, but feel free to let me know if you know of other great baby shower themes in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

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